Meganews Sweden gets a new CEO

Since the start three years ago, my brother Lars Adaktusson has been the CEO of Meganews Sweden AB. With the support of his valuable experience and an extensive network of contacts, he has been able to open many doors and create credibility for our project, which has been of utmost importance in the early years.

Now when Lars is moving on to new assignments in politics, we have appointed Bengt Adauktusson as new CEO – also he a brother to me. Bengt has for many years held senior positions in global IT companies and for the past number of years he has been the Executive Chairman and co-owner of Rededge Consulting AB.

Since our company’s continued development will be done in close collaboration with the globally active RICOH, Bengt’s experience in selling and delivering IT-based projects will benefit the company in just the right time.

Stockholm 2013-11-14

Hans Adauktusson